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Who deserves water more?

In a future of permanent drought, a desperately thirsty woman and a well-off couple fight for their rights to water. “Thirst,” made for the 2015 San Diego 48 Hour Film Project, poses a thought-provoking scenario dealing with haves and have-nots, waste, medicine, social perceptions and law.


“Thirst” wins festival recognition

“Thirst,” Mercury Cinema’s entry in the San Diego 48 Hour Film Project as team Lights in a Box, received an Award of Recognition from the international Best Shorts Competition in September. This is the film’s first award from a festival beyond the 48 Hour Film Project.



The Mercury Cinema/Lights in a Box “Thirst” team, left to right, at their premiere screening Aug. 10: Wilson Adam Schooley, Julie Clemmons, Roman S. Koenig, Joshua Spiegel, Rhianna Basore and Jacob J. Young. Not pictured: Mary Cherwink, Rob Gironda, Helen Hawes, Ary Hernandez and Ana Valenzuela. (48 Hour Film Project photo)

Will you share your water?

When the drought never ends, will you share your water? Something to think about when you see “Thirst,” a San Diego 48 Hour Film Project by Mercury Cinema / Team Lights in a Box, at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 10 at Reading Cinemas Gaslamp 15 in downtown San Diego. Mercury Cinema successfully completed its entry for the 2015 San Diego 48 Hour Film Project as team Lights in a Box. Genre: Sci-Fi. Dialogue: “Sometimes that’s all you need.” Prop: Flashlight. Character: Alan or Alice Downing, coach. Enjoy the movie’s trailer below.


Mercury Cinema to compete as team “Lights in a Box”

Mercury Cinema will return to the San Diego 48 Hour Film Project this year under a new team name, “Lights in a Box.” The name draws inspiration from a famous speech by journalist Edward R. Murrow.


“Pity the Imposter” earns award

“Pity the Imposter,” Mercury Cinema’s entry into the international Four Points Film Project, received an Honorable Mention for Best Use of Line (required dialogue from the contest organizers) and a preliminary spot in the top five Audience Choice picks. The organizers are confirming the number of votes. As of the close of voting Nov. 24, Mercury Cinema’s film was in the No. 4 or No. 5 spot. Will it hold onto a position? Stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy the film on YouTube (link below).