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Early accolades for ‘Red Blooded’; production leadership announced

There are two pieces of news today for “Red Blooded” — an award note and the official announcement of producers for the film.

The script for “Red Blooded” is an official finalist in the Hollywood Just4Shorts Film and Screenplay Competition. It’s a great sign that the script's story, characters and concept are solid.

The film’s production leadership is also ready to be announced. Longtime film friends and colleagues Rhianna Basore and Jennie Olson Six are joining me as producers.

Jennie and Rhianna have already been instrumental over the past few months as we develop fundraising efforts, set production timelines, marketing ideas, and more. Our collaborations go back nearly 10 years, mainly with the 48 Hour Film Project. I am excited to have them aboard.

When it comes to screenplay contest entries, I have been submitting the script as a sort of trial balloon to see what the critical reaction might be, and the news of a finalist placement so early in the process is encouraging.

— Roman


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